Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lightsabres - DEMONS - Album Review

Demons cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Nov 13th 2013
Label: Self Released

Demons - track listing:

1.Fangs 00:58
2.Black Hash 02:19
3.Eyez 01:46
4.Fly Like A Bird 02:11
5.Red Light 01:51
6.Teeth 00:41
7.Born To Die 02:14
8.Caesar 02:10
9.Demons 04:48


One-man band from Luleå, Sweden, playing dark psychedelic stoner punk infused with post-rock and doom. The more fucked up the better. I like backwards guitars and Glenn Danzig, but not necessarily at the same time.


Now I am going to say how the fuck did I miss this excellent album by the insane one-man genius that calls him Lightsabres as his debut album – Demons – is one crazy psychedelic stoner punk ride you won't easily forget.

I am a huge fan of the one-man band scene thanks to Sludge/Post-metal artists such as Deterior, Cloudkicker and Diamenson X. But I have to say that Lightsabres is probably the most creative One-Man Band that I have came across as this guy includes a lot of genres on his debut album. Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Grunge, Alt Rock and Post Rock.

Demons feels like the bastard offspring of QOTSA meets The Ramones. It has a manic energy that you won't find in many albums and it has a brilliant schizophrenic feel to it. Tracks such as Black Hash, Eyez, Born To Die and Red Light have a dangerous vibe around them and it plays out like a crazy fucked up party that you never want to leave.

The album can be quite dark at times and I suppose that is the point of the album. To show that life can be hopeful and rather depressing at times but Lightsabres has created the perfect balance of hard-rocking riffs with delicate post-rock vibes on the beautifully played – Teeth. Before Lightsabres returns to the darkness of Born To Die.

If you want something dangerous in the realm of Stoner Rock then Demons is the album for you. It's a thrilling and hard-rocking ride from start to finish. 

It's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download though you can buy the album on Cassette and Vinyl as well.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe