Saturday, 8 March 2014

Gozu European Tour 2014 - Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

GOZU is set to embark on their first ever European tour. The tour is entering the final planning stages. We are 99% of the way there. Just over two weeks’ worth of shows in April have been secured. Scheduled shows in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Slovenia are bookended with appearances at two major festivals; Roadburn NL April 12th and Desertfest Berlin April 25th. This tour is a huge opportunity to gain exposure for the band, and we are dedicated to playing all of these shows with the passion and energy you’ve come to expect from a GOZU performance. That being said, we are reaching out to all our fans, old and new, to help us make the tour as successful as we know it can be.

To be clear, this tour does not live or die by this fundraising campaign…we are going regardless. The goal, with the help of our amazing fan base (which is the reason why we play in the first place) is to try and cover some of the known costs we have already incurred, and to set us up with a small purse of cash for the unforeseen incidentals that will undoubtedly arise while in Europe.
As you may or may not know, there are many costs tied to a venture like this. Transportation, instrument rentals, and housing accommodations are the obvious ones. But…

  • Did you know it costs about $100 dollars a day to feed the band and crew?
  • Or that baggage fees for checking our instruments onto the plane can cost anywhere from $200-$500 dollars on top of the ticket prices?
  • Fuel is expensive, taxes on just about everything we’ll need while we are there are also expensive.  
These are just a few of the types of costs that are quickly adding up as we enter the final stages of preparation for the tour. Our plan was to use merchandise sales to pay for all of these related expenses, but that is a variable, so we hope you can help us out. Each dollar raised will make a huge difference for us while on the road.

The band came up with some really cool and unique incentives to thank those of you who choose to donate to our campaign. Beyond the usual tunes, t-shirts and posters, we decided we wanted to include some exclusive music and special personalized incentives that will allow us to connect with fans in some cool ways. So please take a look, and as always we thank you for your continuing support.



Marc, Joe, Doug & Mike

If you would like to contribute head over to their fundraising page here

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