Sunday, 16 March 2014

HYPERGIANT - Planetcracker - EP Review

Planetcracker EP cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: Feb 1st 2014
Label: Self Released

Planetcracker - Tracklisting:

1.Planetcracker 04:40
2.Rookwood Lurch 05:37
3.Swampfoot 04:08
4.Shitwizard 07:44


Born in Sydney in late 2011, Hypergiant are a recent phenomenon in the local rock scene. Named for the super-massive class of star, Hypergiant combine stoner metal fuzz with prog-influenced heavy rock to create a sound suitably colossal to do justice to their namesake.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, from the unholy great-granddaddies of stoner metal, Black Sabbath, to the modern behemoths such as Mastodon, The Sword and Red Fang, and with a hint of the psychedelic space-rock characteristic of Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, Hypergiant are steadily carving out a sound of their own from the molten sludge of these combined influences.

They eschew cookie-cutter breakdowns, skinny jeans and uniform hairstyles in exchange for hard-hitting, low to the ground riffs, unique song structures and an insatiable appetite for distortion.

Currently, the band is putting the finishing touches on their self-produced debut EP, with a view to unleash it upon the world in 2013. Recorded and mixed by vocalist Nathan Lee (Colt 44’s Candyflip EP, Don Peyote EP), the self-titled 5-track disk promises to be a relentless slab of earth-shaking, fuzzed out, acid-tinged heaviness.

In the lead up to the EP’s release, Hypergiant intend to uncompromisingly assault the Sydney live music scene with all the precision and finesse of a sledgehammer, converting the metal masses to their cause along the way.

The Band Members

Nathan Lee - Vocals & Guitar
Gordon Hammer - Lead Guitar
Lachlan Davidson - Bass
Tim Brown - Drums


HELL YEAH. Here is some high voltage Progressive Stoner Metal to check out. Let me introduce you to HYPERGIANT. A band blending Hard Rock, Stoner Metal with a great progressive edge. They have just released their debut EP – Planetcracker – and what a fucking blast it is.

4 tracks and 21 mins of insane head-banging riffs that will have you rocking out for days. These guys know how to rock the fuck out and that is all you need to know. First track- Planetcracker – will show you what this band is all about. Loud and bone-crunching progressive riffs with a knowing nod to the hard-rocking legendary bands of the 70s/80s that we all know and love.

This EP is full of RIFFS, RIFFS and even more RIFFS for you to worship at. Though it's great that the band have such a kick-ass vocalist with Nathan on fine form through out. Things do get very spacey and psychedelic at times with the band embracing the spacier side of their music especially on excellent track – Rookwood Lunch.

Hypergiant take influence from Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Mastodon and Baroness and you can tell from their own psychedelic space fuzz based Stoner Metal that showcases another brilliant band to check out from Australia.

The world of Stoner Rock/Metal needs bands like Hypergiant to thrive as they have a truly stunning debut EP on their hands. You need to check out the brilliant 8 minute epic – Shitwizard – which feels like an intergalactic drug fuelled space-rock odyssey come to life.

Hypergiant have the potential to something special over the next few years. I hope they have a full length album coming soon as I want to hear more and I want to hear it now!!! - Though until then Planetcracker will have to do. I implore you to download this now. You won't be sorry. As it's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download and CD as well.

Brilliant stuff.

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Written by Steve Howe