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Calamitas cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released:21st February 2014
Label: Self Released

Calamitas - track listing:

1.Exsanguinating in the Overflowing Bath 06:34
2.Hitler's Dogs 03:49
3.Tundra 07:26
4.Under the Malignant Influence of an Unlucky Planet 07:34
5.Don't Speak of the Sun 04:34
6.Big Black Birds Circle the Sky 08:08
7.E.V.A 07:20
8.Calamitas 08:04

Band Members

Aaron Steed (Bass)
Andy Griggs (Guitar)
Heath Blows (Guitar)


Hawkmoth are back after a lengthy 3 year absence since their début S/T album which I reviewed back in 2011.. It looks like Hawkmoth have spent this time away wisely as they are back with their stunning new album – Calamitas. A 54 minute album that will appeal to all fans of Instrumental Rock music.

Hawkmoth are an instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal band with a difference as these guys add welcome touches of Stoner Metal riffs into their music to stand out from the crowd.

Hawkmoth play out like a crazy as fuck hybrid of Karma To Burn jamming with Pelican If that sounds like a dream combination to you then you're in luck as Hawkmoth have delivered an excellent album to check out time and time again. They have written a great collection of tracks blending Sludge Metal, Post-Metal, Stoner Metal and hints of Ambient Post-Rock which will leave you begging for more.

The band's songs are full of life and atmosphere which shows what great musicians they actually are. Most of the tracks last around 8 mins or so though they have written two shorter 4 minute tracks which are just as powerful and epic as their lengthier counterparts.

Songs such as Tundra and Big Black Birds Circle The Sky prove the band have a real talent at writing intricate riffs matched against haunting melodic ambient vibes that will last long in the memory. Though when things do get heavy Hawkmoth say FUCK IT and unleash their anger on an unsuspecting audience.

I have to give credit to Drummer – Jason Canelas – as he gives the album a real powerful and crunching sound with some expert precise drumming which blew me away. I don't know if Jason is part of the band or was around for the recording of the album. But he gives Hawkmoth's sound a dangerous edge.

Though the other band members more than play their part. The dual guitars of Andy and Heath definitely prove they are well adversed in Pelican style riffage but still showing their own great steal when the Stoner Metal riffs fully kick in. Bass guitarist Aaron provides a sublime heavy sounding bass line for everything to rest on. Aaron feels he is strumming his bass guitar with a hammer of some sort as he plays some epic sounds.

Calamitas is a thunderous and brilliant ride from start to finish. It proves that Hawkmoth are one of Australia's finest upcoming Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal bands. Check these guys out now. You won't be disappointed.

Written by Steve Howe

Calamitas is available on DD and CD now from BandCamp now.

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