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Million Dollar Fix - Psychedelephant - EP Review

Psychedelephant cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: March 11th 2014
Label: Self Released

Psychedelephant - track listing:

1.Never Fight Her Flow
2.The Crow
3.Hoptical Illusions
4.Kill The Banker


It isn’t often that that a band was born the exact same way it was meant to exist, but that’s precisely what happened the day Million Dollar Fix got together: In 2010, they started jamming at a party, riffs pouring out at the same speed of the delicious PBR pouring down their throats, and the end result was the ultimate riff-slinging rock and roll party band.

Million Dollar Fix begin playing live shows as a three-piece and continued to do so for years before recording a hell of a self-released debut album, Billygoat, in 2012. Their well-earned achievements grabbed the attention of western Canada and landed them live slots alongside Indian Handcrafts, Chron Goblin, Sandrider, Daywalker, Witchstone, High Kicks and more.

In an era where stoner rock and doom metal are king, the band leans more toward the likes of Thin Lizzy than Black Sabbath and aligns themselves with more straight-up, no-fuss classic rock ‘n’ roll than any musical trend of the moment. No matter what, they aim to infiltrate any good times with their infectious upbeat riffs.

Armed with a new lead guitarist, Brad Weidlich, Logan Derby (guitar/vocals), Keegan Costella (bass/vocals) and Jeff Shibby Smith (drums) have finished up in the studio to emerge in early 2014 with a sophomore album to blast away any cold-weather misery with riffs that drip with beer and a party-it-away attitude. That's what rock 'n' roll was made for and that's what Million Dollar Fix is here to do.

The Band Members

Logan Derby - Guitar/Vocals
Keegan Costella - Bass/Vocals
Jeff Shibby Smith - Drums
Brad Weidlich- Lead Guitar


Here is a band that I hadn't heard of until our good friend Cat Jones sent me a copy of their new EP – Psychedelephant.

These Stoner Rockers have a great style of their own. High energy Hard Rock/Stoner Rock that pays respect to legendary bands such as Sabbath and Thin Lizzy while still having their own great sound. The 21 minute EP is an action packed ride from start to finish.

First track – Never Fight Her Flow – shows these guys are primed for bigger things as this track soon gets down to business of laying down some fast-paced bone-crunching riffs that will leave you begging for more. Lead vocalist Logan's style of vocals may take a while to get used to but he has a passionate gravelled voice that gives Million Dollar Fix extra bite.

And when the next track comes on – The Crow – the band are now more comfortable with their hard-rocking sound as this song grows ever more dangerously by the second. Each riff is played like the bands lives depended on it. The guys have written some lyrics that may sound they have a deep philosophical meaning but it could be the guys are goofing off to have a little joke at our expense. It's just as well the music is the main factor to listen to this song as it has some inspired Thin Lizzy guitar worship near the end. Play this one nice and loud.

3rd track – Hoptical Illusions – sees the band expand their Hard Rock/Stoner Rock sound with some excellent riffs that would make The Sword explode with rage as Million Dollar Fix prove they are a force to be reckoned with. This is probably the best track off the EP and it proves what such a great band Million Dollar Fix are. This track is worth the purchase of the EP alone.

Guitarists Logan and Brad are definitely schooled in the Twin Guitar worship of Thin Lizzy as these guys thrive off each other and going into a battle at times to see who can play the more delicious riffs. It's a hard thought contest and I have to say even though Logan is a great front-man but Brad wins this battle as he is a phenomenal guitarist. Though all the band members play their part in laying down a constant barrage of blazing riffs you can win a world war with.

By the time the last track – Kill The Banker – comes on your sadly disappointed that this is the final track as Million Dollar Fix have slowly converted you into being a fan of their music. It's a great track to end the EP with.

Million Dollar Fix have delivered a hard-rocking EP that will have fans drooling with excitement. Lets see what they can do on their next full length record. These guys do have a superb debut full length record – BILLYGOAT –  which you can check out on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Cat Jones at Southern Cross PR for sending us a promo. Psychedelephant will be available to buy from BandCamp on 11th March 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe