Thursday, 13 March 2014

Jackal-Headed Guard Of The Head - Exaanum - Album Review

Exaanum cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: March 22nd 2014
Label: Self Released

Exaanum track listing:

1.Ultra Cult
2.Crushed By Dread
4.Covenant Of The Gargoyle 06:47
5.Space Cathedral
6.The Citadel Of Peace


And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, for the earth had spat forth a most vile group of scum; borne loose with steely eyes and ravenous bellies. Their foul purpose is that most unnameable of horrors, the dark art in which even the most sinister backstreet necromancer in Cairo would not dare utter...doom metal. We are a doom band, who also like Lovecraft, weed, and films so raw they'll skullfuck your brain and leave you with a twitch. Enjoy, you cunts.

Since 2008 Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead have been making intrumental doom. So far two ep's have appeared, Grimoire in 2009 and The Sky Has been Riven And Our Flesh Has Been Rent in 2010. An album shalt appear in 2013

Their sparkle may well catch on...

The Band Members

Tommy - Guitar and arcane high-frequency harmonies
Chris - Bass and subterranean tonal discharge
Stu - Drums and eldritch rune translations


Jackal-Headed Guard Of The Head return with their stunning new album – Exaanum – an instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal album that feels it has came from the darkest depths of the Earth’s core. This is a dark and brooding beast that is full of huge slabs of instrumental doom metal to give you nightmares to.

If you are looking for a Karma To Burn style journey then you are going to be disappointed as these guys worship at the same holy place as Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard. As they play heavy doom metal riffs that can last for days. OK maybe not days but this band are one heavy and powerful unit you cannot ignore.

First track – Ultra Cult – is the perfect introduction to the band’s dark world where the music is played at a loud and heavy slow pace with huge amounts of volume coming at you from all directions. You can hear the vibrations coming off the band members’ instruments as they literally pound the hell out of their musical weapon of choice. Just feel the intensity of those mammoth riffs. It is dripping with a sense of fear that will leave you a shivering wreck.

Second track – Crushed By Dread – carries on the nightmarish visions laid down on the previous track though they start adding psych vibes ad noises, which only adds to the overall chilling effect of the song. The bass and drumming is terrific on this song through out as it is a heavy pounding nightmare slowly coming towards you. Once the guitars kick in the song goes into overdrive and you are indeed Crushed By Dread as you are taken on another wild ride from these dark masters of the riff.

The album’s first two tracks show you what is in store for you for the remainder album. Heavy and powerful Doom/Stoner Metal riffs from one of Scotland’s finest instrumental rock/metal bands. The album is dripping with epic doom based riffs that will have you on the edge of your seat. Check out the stunning guitar solos on 3rd track - Cephalaphor – that will have you head banging out in no time at all.

The band adds ambient noises to their music through out the album and it gives the album a sinister feel at times. Jackal-Headed Guard Of The Head wants you to be uncomfortable through out. Mainly so they can send chills down your spine just like a good old-fashioned horror movie. The album is extremely loud at times. Even when I was listening to this on a low volume it still is one powerful experience, which only adds to the experience of the album. Top marks for that one guys. Production is brilliant through out.

There is a 2-minute song called Space Cathedral. A song that I thought would be an ambient-based little track so you can catch your breath. Well I was wrong. It is a fast-paced blast of hard-hitting riffs that actually could give Karma To Burn a run for their money. Definitely one of the album’s standout tracks.

Though the album’s main attraction is the 14-minute title track – Exaanum. A brooding epic packed full of spacey atmospheric riffs that slowly builds up the tension before unleashing a pummelling blend of sonic warfare onto the listener.

 My advice folks – Sit back and enjoy the ride. As all the musical elements collide for one final battle which you have front row seats to. The band feels like they have been raised on an unhealthy diet of Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard as this track feels like an homage to those legendary bands. A truly brilliant track to close the album with as it proves that Exaanum is the band’s best release to date.

I hope this album will get the chance to be released on Vinyl as if an album ever needed to be released on Vinyl then Exaanum is it. Yeah – I loved this album. So will you when you actually hear it.

Brilliant. End Of.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Exaanum is out to buy from March 22nd 2014.

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