Thursday, 27 March 2014

Startruckers - The Southern Sessions #4 - EP Review

The Southern Sessions #4 cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 23rd 2014
Label: Self Released

The Southern Sessions #4 - track listing:

1.Deserter 06:08
2.Black & Blue Soul 04:23
3.Northern Tusk 05:42


A heavy riff, a rock’n roll pulse, a warm wind dry as a burning stone under the Texan sun. This is the sound of Startruckers: dirty Southern Rock music, emerged from the 90’s. Here, it’s not about tight jeans, spikes or emo fringes: it’s just a good old powerful sound, fed with Stoner, Grunge and Jack Daniel’s. With members from the coolest bands on the French Riviera (Dismo, Artefact, Ghostfather, and The Cactus Rodeo) who were fed up with making concessions, and who wanted to do just one thing: play their own music, together, old school style, to prove to everyone that the 90’s rock hard! Startruckers will kick your ass, dude!

The Band Members

Sodarunk: Vocals
Flo: Guitars
Jez: Guitars
Chris: Bass
Ranko: Drums


OH FUCK!!! - Look who's back to cause more trouble with their heavy desert rock/stoner rock riffs. It's those damn Startruckers with their newest EP – The Southern Sessions #4.

Well it's been 2.5 years since they released Volume 3. Now they return with their best release to date. The Southern Sessions #4 is here to kick your ass to kingdom come as this is fan-freakin-tastic. Wait till you hear the opening riffs from Deserter. A brilliant Desert/Stoner Rock song with riffs to die for. And just wait until you hear the vocals.

This will transport you back to the 1990's when Stoner Rock was king. This is a hard-rocking EP that shows why I rate these French Stoner Rockers so highly. They add a healthy dose of Grunge and Southern Rock into the mix as well. Their sound has became more heavier since their last EP and it means you will be rocking out for the entire EP's 16 minute run time.

2nd track – Black & Blue Soul – is a Southern Based Rock track with Vocalist Sodarunk on fine form once again. This is addictive stuff indeed. Startruckers are one of my fave bands from the French Stoner Rock scene and this song proves why. It's an action packed tale you won't be able to stop singing along to from start to finish. This will leave you with a nice warm fuzzy glow inside. Trust me!!!

3rd track – Northern Tusk – starts rather slowly and sees Startruckers in a more sombre mood but you know it won't last long as laid-back grooves isn't their style. And in true – Startrucker fashion the heavy as fuck Stoner Rock riffs kick this EP into life for one last time. And it's a heavy thunderous journey which leaves you begging for more once again.

Startruckers have done it again. They have released another excellent EP to check out. Come on guys. Enough with the EP's, release the début full length now. Or some nice small indie label – Give these guys a deal now. You have 4 brilliant EP's to check out how seriously talented this band really is.

Look – Headover to BandCamp now and download this now as it's available for free download. You won't be sorry. This is as good as it gets for Stoner Rock fans.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe