Saturday, 8 March 2014

Entrails - Bezerk EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 4/3/2014
Label : Metal Blade Records

Bezerk EP, track listing :

1). Beserk 03:40
2). Dreaming 05:49

Bio :

Swedish death metal act, ENTRAILS, have confirmed the release of a new 7" vinyl single on the 28th of February!

Side A will feature the title track "Berzerk", side B a cover of HEAVY LOAD's classic "Dreaming".

Comments ENTRAILS: "With a small sidestep from our work in the massive rehearsals for the new album we decided to do a halfway release. The new song "Berzerk" is a straight forward fist of fury and Death metal terror, with some eerie elements. It's a natural step from our latest album "Raging Death". It will also appear on the next long player, slightly different in every term as this single was recorded and mixed by Jimmy in Entrails own studio. We also decided to do a cover of Heavy Loads Classic "Dreaming" though we did this one the Entrails way with D-beats and massive sound!"

The Band :

Jimmy Lundqvist | Guitars
Jocke Svensson | Bass, Vocals
Adde Mitroulis | Drums
Pontus Samuelsson | Guitars

Review :

Entrails, active in the 90's but recording only demos, returned in 2008 to breathe new life (death) into their songs. What do you get? Old school rabid Swedish death metal. Chainsaw bass and guitar, frozen vibes and suitably necro production combine to make this feel like you just stepped back into 1992 (if only).

The title cut (ha!) is up first and brings viciousness with a large side order of spite. A dreamy middle section took me by surprise (after all these years?!) and then the band get back to eviscerating your ears with precision. Dreaming follows with over five and a half minutes of distinctively Scandi-death (no, not In Flames... well not their material after 1996, anyway).

Crushing, rampaging, melancholy, vicious and measured all at the same time, this two tracker is well worth your while- particularly after Dismember's dissolution and the current Entombed fiasco. The quality on offer here is up with the very best.

Words by : Richard Maw

The single is available in black (300 copies), green (100 copies) and white (100 copies, excl. only available from HERE!).

For more information :

22/05/14 USNew York – Saint Vitus Bar
23-25/05/14 USBaltimoreMaryland Deathfest
11/07/14 DE – Torgau – In Flammen Open Air
25/07/14 DE – Andernach – Deathfeast
26/07/14 NL – Steenwijk – Stonehenge Festival
27/07/14 NL – Rotterdam – Baroeg