Thursday, 20 March 2014

Live Review : Red Fang, The Corporation, Sheffield, UK, March 17th 2014

I only got to see 10 to 15 minutes of opening act – Lord Dying – as I was busy interviewing the main band. I am huge fan of their music and what I did see, impressed the hell out of me. Thick and brutal Sludge Metal riffs that went down a storm with the crowd in attendance tonight. You can tell why Lord Dying are considered one of the best upcoming Sludge Metal Bands on the Relapse Record Label. I think they may have won a few fans from tonight’s performance alone.

Up next is Californian self proclaimed - Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll Upstarts – The Shrine – who put in a blistering 35 minute performance showcasing tracks off their two records Primitive Blast and Bless Off to an audience which took time to warm to these hard as nails stoner-thrash rockers.  Initially, some people weren't really convinced at the start including my brother who I was in attendance with. But by the end The Shrine had converted a huge number of people into rocking out with their insane blast of hard-rocking riffs including my brother.  He even bought a T-Shirt from the band at the end.

The Shrine are a highly energetic band, backed up with a powerful whirlwind of thrash based Stoner Metal riffs that left the audience in a daze at times. They left the stage to great applause and they definitely got the audience warmed up for the main act – RED FANG!!!

Red Fang came blistering on stage and played a stunning hour set packed full of classics from their last 3 albums. Opening up with HANK IS DEAD. Red Fang got straight down to business of rocking the fuck out and showing the world why they are one of the hottest Stoner Metal bands around.

The dual vocals of Aaron and Bryan instantly tore a hole in the universe as they showed the audience who was in charge. The audience were loving this right from the start, including myself.  I was rocking out, to a whole range of Red Fang tracks that almost everyone sang along to.

Voices Of The Dead, DOEN, Throw Up and No Hope proving that Red Fang are a band not to be messed with, as they laid down some impressive riffs. John's drumming was fantastic throughout and he never missed a beat.

Red Fang showed they had a wicked sense of humour during the show, joking along with members of the drunken audience, with Bryan telling drunken hecklers who is the boss with some damn fine witty comebacks of his own.  The audience found it highly amusing.

The music is what we came to see and Red Fang delivered on all counts during the course of the show. The biggest cheers of the night came when Red Fang played tracks such as 15:16, Crows in Swine and Blood Like Cream before exiting the stage to a rapturous reception.

We only waited about a minute or so before Red Fang unleashed into a one-song encore with their classic track – Prehistoric Dog – which was worth the admission price alone.  The entire audience sang along to all of the lyrics while Red Fang played some epic riffs which only added to the wonderful atmosphere they had created for the past 65 mins or so.

They left the stage to a brilliant reception and proved once again why they are one of the worlds best Hard Rock/Stoner Metal bands currently out there today.

My fave gig of 2014 so far. I hope other gigs I see this year match the fun and excitement that Red Fang created tonight.

Written by Steve Howe