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Dyscarnate - Enduring The Massacre & And So It Came To Pass (Reissues Review)

Album Type : Full Length (Reissues)
Date Released : 10/2/2014
Label : Siege of Amida / Century Media Records

Enduring The Massacre & And So It Came To Pass, album track listings :

Enduring The Massacre :
1. An Axe To Grind
2. Despised And Disgraced
3. Extinguishing The Face Of Heaven
4. Yielding The Iron Fist
5. Judecca
6. The Vitruvian Plan
7. Those Who Trespass Against Us
8. Enduring The Massacre

And So It Came To Pass :
1. The Weight of All Things
2. In the Face of Armageddon
3. Cain Enable
4. A Drone in the Hive
5. Engraving Ecstasy
6. The Promethean
7. Grinding Down the Gears
8. Rise and Fall
9. Seizure
10. Kingdom of the Blind
+ Enhancement: the videos "The Promethean" & "In The Face of Armageddon".

Bio :

Cited as “One of the best Death Metal albums to come out of the UK in the last twenty years” by Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson, Dyscarnate’s devastating new record ‘And So It Came To Pass’ has been met with an unprecedented reaction from both international press and fans.

Like the 300 Spartans, Dyscarnate show what effect a small, but elite force can have when focused on a common goal; annihilating everything that stands before them. In 2012, the band will do just that, bringing their blitzkrieg of a live show across the face of the earth; leaving smoking craters and shell-shocked audiences where stages once stood.

Following the release of the debut EP ‘Annihilate to Liberate’ in 2008, Dyscarnate were met with overwhelming feedback from national magazines, record labels and fans alike. This resulted in a multi-album deal with the UK’s Siege Of Amida Records, which provided the band with the perfect platform to release their debut full-length album 'Enduring The Massacre', which asserted them as “the best new death metal band in the UK, without question”, according to the British press.

Having toured extensively and internationally with such high profile names as Cephalic Carnage, Psycroptic, Despised Icon and The Black Dahlia Murder, the band then decided to follow up the success of their debut album, losing no time as they composed their uncompromising sophomore effort, injecting even more catchiness into their highly infectious strain of brutality.

The Band :

Tom Whitty | Guitars & Vocals
Henry Bates | Bass & Vocals
Matt Unsworth | Drums

Review :

Dyscarnate are Sussex' entry into the death metal pantheon of greats. A power trio who have the chops and youth to really go somewhere in the death metal world. Enduring The Massacre was their debut and comprises eight tracks of vicious and visceral death metal. The production is powerful and clinical, resulting in a very modern death sound. Blasts. Breakdown, growls double tracked with screams- the ingredients are all here. It is astonishingly accomplished for a debut record and brings the band into the world, fully formed and roaring out of the traps.

The UK has a pretty good track record with death metal and grindcore (you can name the big players easily enough...) but in recent times, there has not been a huge amount of dyed in the wool DM to shout about. Dyscarnate have changed that- their debut is every bit as good as any one of the modern American or European bands. Brutal, riffy and technically stellar this is real death metal- the way it used to be but with more focus and ability. There are no side steps or hidden depths- this is straight up and quality death metal of staggeringly violent proportions. You could play any track and be convinced- but just try out An Axe to Grind or the title track for size and prepare to be impressed.

The band stepped up another level in 2012 with “And So It Came To Pass.” The sound is even more in your face (ears) and is pro-toolsed and punchy sounding. The drums in particular are crystal clear as the band play through riff after riff, change after change. There is an instrumental intro before In The Face Of Armageddon comes crashing through your speakers. The band is even more brutal, even more focused and even more death metal than before.  The blast sections are faster and very precise, the riffing is razor sharp. A Drone In The Hive has an excellent riff and good changes at an aggressive mid pace. Indeed, each track brings variety- it is not all hyper speed blasts by any means; there are changes, riffs, breakdowns, vocals... death metal of all kinds, really.

If you like your death metal in the vein of Immolation then Dyscarnate are definitely for you. Superior stuff for sure- great production and sounds combine with the technicality to back it up. Big sounds from a small band.

Words by : Richard Maw

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