Thursday, 6 March 2014

CANAYA - Sealed Within The Walls - EP Review

Sealed Within The Walls cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: Feb 17th 2014
Label: Self-released

Sealed Within The Walls - track listing:

1.Levitating Casket 04:35
2.Award Winning Bastard 05:16
3.Monarch Of Sin 04:46
4.Committed (feat. John Sutcliffe of Humanfly) 02:46
5.Audio Porn For The Blind 05:31


Formed in 2010, featuring ex-members of Tangaroa, Executive Distraction Tasks, Hot Prophecy and Nerve Engine. Canaya's sound draws from an uncompromising urge to play powerful heavy music, pulling metal firmly into the 21st Century.

The debut EP, 'Alignment Of Dying Planets' was released in 2010 to great reviews in Rocksound (8/10), Big Cheese (5/5) and received heavy rotation on Total Rock Radio.

Gigs have followed at Damnation Festival, Brew Records, Big Spaceship, Brainwash, British Wildlife amongst many others.

Shared the stage with the likes of Narrows, Keelhaul, Knut, Coliseum, Humanfly, Melt Banana, Hawk Eyes, Brontide and Lavotchkin.

The video for the single, 'Dios Muerto', became a YouTube favourite and caught the attention of Ginger from The Wildhearts, who asked Simon to record guest vocals on his 'Mutation' album.

With a host of new material, Canaya have released their sophomore EP 'Sealed Within The Walls'.

Band Members

Simon Wright - Vocals
Owen Wilson - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Wilson - Bass/Vocals
Andy Richards - Drums


Before we talk about anything lets talk about riffs. I cannot begin to tell you how many bands out there today could learn a thing or two from the fellas in CANAYA (Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom) The riffs are spot on genuine ,beautiful and one thing is for sure they get brutal.

Its like everything that was good about early Mastodon met up with Botch and said “Hey lets make a baby that would sound kinda like us and Entombed” but in all seriousness these guys guys are on to something powerful.

Take the track “Award Winning Bastard” for instance all the elements of a metal masterpiece are in line!

The vocals and guitars have moments of ambiance and layering that take the feel of the band to unexpected places at times only to be met with multiple group shouts & different style influenced vocal work touching on snake like black metal, reaching to grind core & beyond.

Over all an impressive release that's worth a few dozen listens. Any fan of heavy music looking for something new should give these guys a chance you might just become a fan like I did.

Written by Stephen T Barton

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