Wednesday, 12 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - "Keep It Greasy"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 14/10/2016
Label: Rise Above Records

“All in all, a great showing for these rockers- it does exactly as the album title promises.”

“Keep It Greasy” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). U Got Wot I Need
2). Hairy Brain Pt. 2
3). Hawkline Monkster
4). Paid in Full
5). I'm Movin'
6). Potato Boy
7). Tired'n'wired
8). Wrong

The Review:

Straight outta Hastings, the excellently (and locally) monikered Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel bring the old school rock n roll once again with this collection of eight tracks melding 70's tunesmithery with more psychedlic influences- as evidenced by many song lengths running well over the six minute mark. Opener “U Got Wot I Need” sets the raucous tone, while “Hairy Brain Part 2” opens the sound up to more expansive sounds via dynamics aplenty and tempo shifts.

The album continues along this line with out and out rocker followed by more expansive and expressive fair, guaranteeing that the record flows nicely and each track is distinguishable from the next. “Paid in Full” is a slow and bluesy workout with some nice audible bass work and a uniquely British sensibility. The interludes at the end of tracks/at the start of tracks are something you will have to hear for yourself and make up your mind about. Do they add anything? You decide.

Certainly, once “I'm Movin” gets going it is like The Who jamming with Leafhound. The best title award (for this or possibly any other album) goes to “Potato Boy” which is a rocker, but at a lower tempo, centred around a Hendrixy type of riff and low slung drumming. Great stuff. “Tired ‘n’ Wired” is a real foot stomper, slapping you around the face before the closing statement of “Wrong” brings the noise and dirt.

All in all, a great showing for these rockers- it does exactly as the album title promises.

“Keep It Greasy” is available here

Band info: facebook

FFO: Sir Lord Baltimore, Budgie, Witchcraft, Danava 


Naih Nworb said...

I like flares. There I've said it and it feels good. What do I want to listen to with those flares you ask? Well I say Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, that's what I say/ Why you say? Is it because of the mindnumbing caustic guitar solos or the earth moving bass or the thunder crashing drums. No. I say it's becauyse of the stylistic type style that defines a generation. It's that Je Ne Say Kwa that says "classy"/ No it's not "Reader Wives" its more "Titbits" with Marshall Stacks and boy does it so it for me. Now , where is that Tank Top?

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