Friday 14 October 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: Brant Bjork keeps things snappy with the stop/go fuzz riffing of "Luvin"

Throughout “Tao of the Devil,” Brant Bjork’s tenth solo album, he has gone and mixed all of his solo efforts together with a few firm shots of tequila. The result of which is an album that’s as welcoming as a cold glass of margarita on a hot summer day. There’s plenty of that “Jalamanta” haze, but the tunes here are mostly a throwback to Brant’s time flinging licks with The Bros.  There’s some Santana and Hendrix swing felt throughout, and like these idols, Brant confirms on "Tao of the Devil” that he isn’t only a songwriter but also a master of groove. In short, “Tao of the Devil” is prime example of what Brant Bjork does best and today at The Sludgelord we are delighted be bring you the official premiere of his brand new video for “Luvin’

‘Tao of the Devil’ is available here

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