Monday 24 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Order of the Owl - “We Are Here To Collect Our Crown”

By: Hunter Young

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 14/10/2016
Label: Domestic Genocide

“We Are Here To Collect Our Crown” DD//LP Track listing:

1). Brought Below
2). Wolves of True Diamond Hate
3). Hell Rider
4). Wood Valley
5). Resurrection
6). Golden Dawn

The Review:

Fans of doom, stoner, and desert rock, ululate in delight! Order of the Owl have dropped a new slab of metallic glory into our laps, titled “We Are Here to Collect Our Crown”, and it's pretty damn interesting! Mixing doom and stoner genres into what would become dark desert rock/metal, we have so many genres so you can't call me wrong, Order of the Owl freshen up the clone sounds with an album full of groove, fuzz, and acousticness. Sit back and let the purple acid hit as the stars unfold above...

The Atlanta stalwarts like to keep their grooves simple and uncluttered, offering a sound that has been done a couple times but doesn't offend the ear at all. It's close to a traditional doom, but really bleeds a Desert vibe, owing to the feel of the rhythm strumming and vibe (“Brought Below”). And, weirdly enough, there's a dbeat (almost textbook) streak through the track “Hell Ride”, harkening to a wide reservoir of influences that these peeps may have hiding. And to broach the acoustic remark, they threw in “Golden Dawn” to just confuse the hell out of you, but more on that at the end. With styles really ranging many different places, from trad doom to drone, desert rock to crusted punk/dbeat, there's quite a bit to be found in this record.

Now, not all was rose tinted lenses with this album, with the way they kind of jump around with their sound and styles, many fans may have a hard time digesting this one and be turned off by the lack of consistency. There's quite a bit for a listener to like, but it may be a small part or just a single song, and that's perfectly fine. The whole album is a fun trip to many different places, and one worth taking to see the sights; that being said, “Golden Dawn” is my least favourite cut, simply because the song, in my honest opinion, isn't well done., It's not overly pleasing to my ear and doesn't sound well articulated or performed, and just isn't my thing.

All the whole check out Order of the Owl yourself, and see where the journey takes you. You might be surprised what you find.

“We Are Here To Collect Our Crown” is available on vinyl here and digitally here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook