Tuesday 11 October 2016

Jagged Mouth will have you choking under the oppressive force of their blackened doom debut "Louring"

Blackened doom metal band Jagged Mouth will release their debut album “Louring” on limited edition cassette on October 28th 2016. The band is a project that was formed by Bon Fry (Lamentations of the Ashen) and Roman Barham (Black Maria, Torture Victim, Impaled Offering) to create slow and heavy music. This debut album will definitely create a stir in the underground with its crushing riffs and bone crunching heaviness.  Formed in late 2015 and hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the two founding members would soon be joined by Alex Cantwell on vocals and would later take up the position of bassist. 

Roughly 12 weeks after forming, the band would enter the studio to begin work on their debut output. After a handful of sessions over the months to follow and the privilege of working with Matthew Tobias at Empty House Studio, the band completed “Louring” and approved the final mixes at the beginning of September, 2016.  With the re-release of “Louring” on cassette edging ever closer, the band is now preparing to embark on a fall tour covering the western territories of the US to promote their debut, while having the honor of sharing the stage with Sourvein, NORTH, and Sludgelord favourites Catapult The Dead along the way. 

Take it from me, this band crushes so hard they’ll make you choke under the oppression, so if you like Pallbearer, Un, Samothrace and Indian, be sure to check "Louring" below.  Louring” is available digitally here

All current live rituals can be found below:

October 27th- Launchpad - Albuquerque
October 28th- The Flux - Colorado Spr
October 29th- 3 Kings Tavern- Denver
October 30th- TBA
October 31st- TBA
November 1st- The Kraken- Seattle
November 2nd- BloodShed- Portland
November 3rd- TBA
November 4th- TBA
November 5th- Golden Bull- Oakland
November 6th- The Blvd- LA
November 7th- The Complex- LA
November 8th-Sweet Springs Saloon CA
November 9th-Amigos Cantina-Ventura
November 10th-Timeout Lounge-Phoenix
November 11th-Sandbox-EL Paso
November 12th-The Underground- Santa Fe

“Louring” track listing:

1. A Wretched Offering
2. Fallen To Incarnadine Loam
3. There Is No Help Coming
4. Lingers the Taolith
5. If Hope Conspires Against Us

Band info: facebook || bandcamp