Monday 10 October 2016

EP STREAM & INTERVIEW: "Prepare for sonic detonation" as Wolves Carry My Name usher forth their "Black Earth Tongue"

Thrown into life amongst the nothingness of Siegen/Germany in 2011, Wolves Carry My Name play a bastardised infusion of 90s Sludge-Metal and ruthless Hardcore, making for an undulating sonic onslaught of blackness.

October 14th will see Wolves Carry My Name release their latest EP in the form of “Black Earth Tongue” and today you can stream it in full below.  This one is guaranteed hyberbolic earworm for fans of Wolves in the Throne Room, Eyehatehod, Thou, Electric Wizard and Ramesses.  So if you like how that sounds, remember the three rules of Sludgelord, “Stop, Look, Listen” and prepare for sonic detonation.   Check out the EP and pre-order/buy it here

If that wasn’t enough, check out my short interview with drummer Moritz about the roots of the band and how the new record came together. 

SL: Can you give us an insight into how you started playing music, leading up to the formation of Wolves Carry My Name

Moritz (Drums) Yeah, sure. Back then in 2011 some of us were on the lookout for people to start a new band/project. At that time we didn't even really know each other. It pretty much was a typical “a friend of a friend knows someone, who might be into it” thing that made us connect with each other and so we somehow ended up jamming out some riffs together. That worked out way better than we'd ever expected and a couple of months later we were a band with an EP.

All of us have been in several bands before. Tobi played in a band blending Alternative Metal/Rock with some Stoner vibes, Adil and Konstantin were into Thrash and Death Metal while Dennis and me were rooted in the Hardcore scene and played in a band together. I think that our different backgrounds helped us a lot with getting this band started. You know, all the basics like 'how to write a song', having connections to the scene, bookers and so on.

SL: Although you are set to release “Black Earth Tongue” which will serve as your 2nd official release, For folks unfamiliar with your band, is there any bands on the scene past and present that you would use as a reference point to describe your band, and who or what continues to inspire you and push you to try new things?

Moritz: This is a tough one. Some of our influences are pretty obvious, I guess. You know, like Eyehategod, Weedeater, Iron Monkey, The Abominable Iron Sloth... the whole Sludge Metal starter pack. This might be the common sense we have. Of course, each of us has his own favorites. Some are into the classic Nola bands or prefer a more stoneresque sound, you know, like Elder for example, some are into Post Metal, some like Crust, Hardcore, Black & Death Metal, Punk-Rock, Indie, Rap, 80s synth wave, whatever.

Not all of this is a real influence, but a lot of it inspires us in one way or another, maybe not even the style itself but the way some bands write songs, perform live, their artworks and attitude whatever. In the end each of us contributes his part. For me personally, Hang the Bastard were a huge influence, both their old and new stuff. I love that rough and angry hardcore energy mixed up with the Nola and Sabbath-riffing.

SL: What can you tell us about your upcoming record and where do you feel it sits within the context of current metal scene?

Moritz: After our first EP and the “Bone Carver” single we had trouble writing new stuff. We jammed out a shit load of riffs and had like up to twenty songs half finished. But it didn't even sound close to what we wanted it to sound. We also had some struggle because of the typical work issues. Some of us moved to other cities and it wasn't easy to manage the whole rehearsal and song writing process. It took us about two years and a serious period of laziness and bad mood to know where we wanted to go. We developed a more consistent sound. The songs are shorter and to the point, the riffs are bigger. It's pretty straight, pissed off and heavy. We skipped most of the atmospheric Post Metal influences and added a certain hardcore appeal. At least that's what it feels and sounds like to me. So long story short.. If you're into heavy riffs and pissed off vibes you should check out "Black Earth Tongue”.

SL: Does anything spring to mind when you think about the completion of your upcoming record and how is the mood in the camp at present?

Moritz: As I said before it was a long hard road with plenty of obstacles. We did a DIY pre-production in my apartment and the shitty drum machine sounds I used for the demo recordings (because I'm not a real technique freak or know much about programming drums) still haunt me. We've all put a lot of work and time into the production but it was worth it. We are really happy with the new songs. I think it really is a step up compared to the “Amongst Ruins And Ashes”-EP. After all the struggle with getting our shit together we now rehearse frequently and can't wait to play live again. Seems like the vibes in this band are way too positive for a nihilistic Sludge Metal band. Well, we'll be working on that, for now it feels really good.

SL: What stands out as your overarching memory from the recording sessions?

Moritz: I remember the first day of recording very well. We hooked up with Manu (Parabol Audio), a really cool guy I know from a recording session in the past. He told us he wanted to try something different with the drums. So when we arrived in Viersen it turned out that I would record drums in a huge hall that was built for orchestras. The setting was really impressive and the sound was really BIG. I felt pretty important, too, more like I was recording takes for a new Pink Floyd album. I think the whole recording session was a cool experience for each of us. Working with Manu was really chilled and he did a damn good job.

SL: With a solid new album in the bag, how is your schedule shaping up over the next 12 months?

Moritz: We will play a couple of shows this year and we plan to do waaaaay more shows next year! So to each and every promoter/booker who likes the new songs: just drop us a line, we seriously want to play your favourite club, church, living room, whatever! We will continue writing new songs in the meantime. Next step is a full length album. We'll see!

SL: Finally, do you have any final comments/word of wisdom you’d like to bestow upon us?

We just wanna thank you for your support, Aaron! We really appreciate the time you put into supporting small bands like us. Cheers to our UK friends in Telepathy – check them out, if you're into mind-blowing atmospheric prog/post-metal!

Band info: facebook || bandcamp