Friday, 6 November 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Prepare to be bludgeoned as False Gods deliver the crush on "Lords of Emptiness"

For your listening pleasure today, welcome New York’s False Gods.   Formed in late 2015, False Gods wasted little time creating a propulsive and addictive from of sludge/doom, that incorporated the best elements of your favourite artists.  False Gods succeed where many other fail because they feel innovative and more importantly, they sound fucking monstrous.  False Gods delight in delivering massive and malignant sludge doom.

If the power of the riff compels thee, then today’s exclusive premiere will feed your riff addiction. When our friends at Seeing Red Records asked us to premiere the track, I ab-so-lute-ly did not hesitate, because it fucking rules.  Check out "Lords of Emptiness", below, but be warned ear protectors are advised.

“Lords of Emptiness” is taken from their new record, “No Symmetry…Only Disillusion” which is available to buy HERE

Band info: facebook || bandcamp