Thursday, 29 April 2021

PREMIERE: Check out Freedom Fist's self titled incendiary debut


With song titles like “14 Million Cunts”, “Sectarian Centurian” and “Not Ma Queen”, Freedom Fist’s incendiary self-titled debut release is somewhat of a call to arms to the Scottish population, to put aside your fears, take a leap of faith and cut the umbilical cord of Westminster, The Crown and become a sovereign nation and truly independent.

Whilst it could be said, this release is 7 years late, (The Scottish independence referendum was in 2014), given the fractious state of the world, there has perhaps never been a better time to push for independence once more (just look at the damage Brexit has caused).

Set against a backdrop of D-beats, blasts, wretched and tormented vocals, scummy guitars and blown out bass, I sense that Freedom Fist seek to educate the listener, dealing with themes of a heroin epidemic, a culture of violence, and sectarian servitude of the Glasgow football, with the underling message being, these issues won’t  resolve themselves unless a nation pulls together and addresses the societal imbalance.

Harnessing the rage, anger and frustration of a nation, Freedom Fist have created something preposterously filthy indeed and today you can check it out in full below.  “Freedom Fist” is issued tomorrow 30/04/2021 via Ripcord Records (order HERE)

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