Monday 17 May 2021

PREMIERE: Dead Hour Noise & Deeper Graves drop their frenetic and frenzy split release

Dead House Noise

Deeper Graves

Holy shit do those damn weekends fly by, you work your goddam ass off five days a week and by the end you’re like “Thank fuck it’s Friday’.  Then in blink of an eye, its Sunday evening and you feel the dread, like “Oh man, do I really have work tomorrow”.   Yep, work does indeed suck, but today at THE SLUDGELORD, we have the perfect weekend hangover cure, with some absolutely stellar earworm from two chaotic bands, in the form of Lansing, Michigan’s Dead Hour Noise and Detroit’s Deeper Graves.

I must be said, I love a good split release, particularly when you get two seemingly disparate acts and throw them together.  Whilst on this occasion, these two acts aren’t exactly polar opposites in terms of style, that doesn’t matter when you get 4 songs of this quality.  Oh man, they are just frenetic, frenzied and absolutely blistering.  Both bands play with razor sharp intensity and the range of styles they somehow merge within the compositions, never come across as forced and are incredibly concise.  Both bands have to be commended here for delivering a kick ass record.

So, yes Monday do hit hard, but this record hits fucking harder and you can stream in full below.  It will be issued via Tomb Tree Tapes on May 18th and you can order HERE

Dead Hour Noise: facebook || instagram || bandcamp

Deeper Graves: facebook || bandcamp