Monday, 5 July 2021

REVIEW: Supreme Conception, "“Empires of the Mind” [EP]

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/08/2021
Label: Independent

“Empires of the Mind” DD track listing:
1). “Beyond the Antediluvian”
2). “Harboring The Fractured Transcendence”
3). “Transgression I: The Underlying Identity”
4). “Transgression II: Self-Discovery”
5). “On The Path To Divinity”
The Review:
Technical death metal is surely a divisive genre- incomprehensible to many, pointless to some and to others... godly. Godly, that is, when it is done well. Fortunately, Supreme Conception are excellent. The production of these five tracks is crystal clear, the playing razor sharp, the vocals growling. Indeed, the vocals remind me- perhaps somewhat incongruously of a certain Glenn Benton in many places. 
From the opener “Beyond the Antediluvian” to the closing “On The Path to Divinity”, this is a technical tour de force. It is fast, furious, and pretty relentless. This Czech two-man project have put out only this and a release back in 2009; it is not a problem when the music is this good, though. If you are a fan of tech-death in all its forms, you will find what you like about the genre here in this five track stormer of an EP.
“Empires of the Mind” is available HERE 

Band info: bandcamp || facebook