Thursday 7 July 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Behind Closed Doors at Number 10 following Boris' resignation (You won't believe who turned up!)


Foreword; "PARTYGATE: The Sequel

The Clown in Command has resigned yet we're not fucking celebrating. Okay, maybe we're celebrating a little. The straw-haired charlatan is on the way out, inevitably to be replaced by another totem of Tory deception and Westminster shithousery, but for now let's raise a glass of piss in his name and do a little fucking two-step while we're at it.  

What’s next? An independent Scotland, for starters.

We still hate Thatcher. The Queen's a dick. SAOR ALBA"

"The Union Rag" is the lead single taken from the Scottish hardcore punk/powerviolence group Freedom Fist's debut full-length, coming out on Roman Numeral Records this fall.

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