Monday 14 December 2015

"A Year in Review": The Sonic 6 for Doom 2015

By: Aaron Pickford

As part of our review of 2015, over the coming days, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight, “six of the best” releases of 2015 within our most popular genres.  Of course we all gravitate to a favourite genre, however each has its own merit,  last time we covered Black Metal, so today, as we reflect upon an awesome year of music in 2015, we present the Doom Sonic 6for 2015

The Sludgelord’s ‘Sonic 6’ for 2015 is compiled based upon page views alone and calibrated into the list below, we will be presenting further lists during the lead up to Christmas, but for today roll up, kick back and Hail the riff!  Check out the DoomSonic 6for 2015 (full reviews can be viewed by clicking the artwork and total views since the date of publication are highlight in red). 

6). Ruby The Hatchet – “Valley of the Snake” (748)

If you’re in the market for a heavy psych/stoner rock record with huge doom tendencies that stand out from the majority of the pack, look no further than ‘Valley of the Snake’.

5). Pentagram – “Curious Volume” (984)

Overall, for my money, Curious Volume is a better album than Last Rites- more focused, more inspired and it crackles with life, it really does. It is the best album from Pentagram in a long while and for that we should all rejoice. Legendary for a reason!

4). Monolord – Vænir (1041)

Now with 2015 engulfing us, what you actually just heard was ‘Vænir’by Monolord and it is your new favourite record by your new favourite doom band. For that ‘you’re, most certainly welcome’.

3). Paradise Lost – “The Plague Within” (1893)

As usual, I cannot categorize them- there are elements of doom, death, goth, even classical- and once again I have been reminded that they are one of the best bands that the British Isles has to offer. You will miss them when they are gone, so get on board with their career now. Whether you be a prodigal son or a new convert, you won't be disappointed as this album is superb.

2). With The Dead – “With The Dead” (2239)

It's evident that Bagshaw has acquired a few new fuzz pedals since the last Serpentine Path album as opening track 'Crown Of Burning Stars' is so oppressive, fuzzy and dense that it made my teeth itch. After the backwards speaking samples, the crunch of the guitar is incredible. The vocals are classic Dorrian and the bands sound on a whole is somewhere between Serpentine Path, 'Dopethrone' era Electric Wizard, early Cathedral and 'Misanthropic Alchemy' era Ramesses.  This for me is an album of the year contender, the kind of thing you'd expect from 3 of the scene's most influential figures. All expectation has been lived up to. Prepare to be blown away.

1). Elder – “Lore” (2855)

It’s a perfect album for us keen on escapism as marvelling at the end result is bound to remove you from your daily experience and carry you off into Elder’s epic tales of yore, the intricacies of which really only start revealing themselves on many a repeat listens. I’m sure we’ll be absorbing this one for some time to come, until they decide to take us along on another odyssey.

Reviews featured in this article were written by: David Heaton, Richard Maw, Joosep Nilk & Chris Bull