Wednesday 16 December 2015

"A Year in Review": The Sonic 6 of Sludge 2015

By: Aaron Pickford

As part of our review of 2015, over the coming days, I will present the definitive “Sour 16” for 2015 and this will be generated by looking at all releases throughout the year, however I thought it would also be cool to look at specific genres too and whilst I would have loved to have generated a “Sour 16” for each popular genre at The Sludgelord, that would have taken up an inexplicable amount of time. Of course we all gravitate to a favourite genre, however each has its own merit, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to highlight, “six of the best” releases of 2015 within our most popular genres.  So today, as we reflect upon an awesome year of music in 2015, we present the Sludge “Sonic 6” for 2015

The Sludgelord’s ‘Sonic 6’ for 2015 is compiled based upon page views alone and calibrated into the list below, we will be presenting further lists during the lead up to Christmas, but for today roll up, kick back and Hail the riff!  Check out the Sludge “Sonic 6” for 2015 (full reviews can be viewed by clicking the artwork and total views since the date of publication are highlight in red). 

6). Limb – “Terminal” (607)

All in all, Terminal builds on what Limb have already achieved and is ultimately better than their top notch debut. The tracks on Terminal are well crafted, and the whole piece is tighter throughout. Absolutely no time is wasted on the album with every note being completely integral to the success of the album

5). The Moth – “And Then Rise” (621)

“And Then Rise” is simply unmissable on every level.

4). Greenhorn – “Like Rows Of Crooked Teeth” (773)

Truthfully, my first listen to Greenhorn left an everlasting impression, they truly are a force in the UK doom scene and this album only strengthens that belief. Give this album a listen; let them leave an impression on you too, because what’s so brilliant about them is that as well as being seriously fucking heavy, you get a history lesson  thrown in too’

3). Torche – “Restarter” (833)

To scrape a nit comb over this record, there is little originality in the noises that rattle your eardrums here. There’s nothing we haven’t heard and felt from the Miami four piece before, but  I for one am just delighted to hear another Torche record and I have no doubt that the vast majority of the already converted will see ‘Restarter’ as faultless.

2). The Body/Thou – “You, Whom I Have Always Hated” (1240)

It’s exceptionally rare that an album, or a work of art for that matter, can effectively convey terror, but throughout this release I was struggling to think of comparable works of art and kept returning to masters of horror fiction: Poe, Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti. Like each of these authors, The Body and Thou manage to create concise, compact stories of horror, which, when collected, should be seen as guidebooks to human terror and masterworks of nuanced, unbridled genius.

1). Dopethrone – “Hochelaga” (1560)

The album is, in a word, massive. Beware the listener that clicks play on this with cheap speakers. You'll soon need to replace them simply because of the sludgy, waxy build-up their riffs will leave on the speaker material. They play some of the nastiest blues you'll find outside of Satan's record collection, focusing on booze, rebellion, occult, sex, and of course, drugs.

Reviews featured in this article were written by: Hunter Young, Mark Ambrose, Phil Weller, Chris Bull, Steve Howe, Dominic Walsh