Tuesday 10 January 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Terrifier - "Weapons of Thrash Destruction"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 20/01/2017
Label: Test Your Metal Records

“Weapons of Thrash Destruction” DD track listing

1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)

The Review:

Furious thrash metal for all fans of Exodus... and other furious thrash bands! Coming out of Vancouver, these boys know exactly how to deliver the kind of primeval thrash metal that Baloff and the boys made thirty years ago. The artwork is pleasingly Repka, the songs are fairly long (five minutes plus is not unusual) and the riffs come thick and, yes, fast.

A track by track here is largely unnecessary, so instead it suffices to say that if you listen to opener “Reanimator” and you are not inspired, the rest of the record won't win you over. The record races by at an astonishing clip as the band mine the book of metal song titles for cues. It's all here: there is a deceiver, there is violence, doom, serpents and tyranny.

If you enjoy Exodus, Nuclear Assault and the more gnarly end of the thrash spectrum there is bucket loads for you to enjoy here. The stand out for me is “Violent Reprisal” (it has everything), but really I could not argue with any one track being picked out. It is of consistently good standard and is guaranteed to get your neck snapping. Shamelessly non-progressive, shamelessly violent, pre-occupied with nuclear war, Arnie films and all the other standard grist of the thrash mill, this record is great violent fun, plain and simple. If you want thrash, you will get it here.

“Weapons of Thrash Destruction” is available to preorder/buy here

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