Friday 20 January 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Stinking Lizaveta's Journey to the Underworld chapter I "Witches and Pigs"

For over 20 years, Stinking Lizaveta have released multiple critically acclaimed albums and shared the stage with national headlining bands such as Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Fugazi, Weedeater and more. They have held the reins as rock pioneers and have built a worldwide cult following for their legendary and unrelenting sound.  With help from Stephen Berrigan and Paul Webb, Stinking Lizaveta have created their most innovative release to date Journey to the Underworld

Translation Loss Records will release the album on February 17th and features nine new songs, showcasing the bands dedication to their style of unrestrained instrumental fusion.  Combining doom, jazz, and punk, “Journey to the Underworld takes listeners on a powerful journey through uncharted space and time to venture into new musical frontiers.   Featuring stunning artwork by David Gunn, “Journey to the Underworld” will be available on compact disc, limited edition coloured vinyl and digital. Pre-order available now through Translation Loss Records here and Guitarist Yanni Papadopoulos shares his insight into the recording of the new album below

Journey To The Underworld was recorded at   "Nosferatus' Lair" Studio down on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.  We wanted to record in New Orleans because of the demonic musical energy one feels down there.  Steve Berrigan, who is Housecore's in house engineer, was on tour with Mountain of Wizard.  We have been friends with Paul Webb, of MOW, for 20 some years. I told Steve we wanted to do a New Orleans album.  He was familiar with our band since we had played Check Point Charlie's on Halloween for ten years straight, so he offered to record us.  We could't refuse, it was a vision come true!

In October 2015 we flew to NOLA.  Paul met us at the airport and drove us across the 30 mile causeway to the North Shore.  Nosferatus Lair” is Phil Anselmo's studio, and we are indebted to him for sponsoring us.  We started recording that night and Paul Webb stayed with us for the next five days to help us realize our vision.  As I had hoped, the character of the land infused our music.  We could feel the coming of All Souls Day, not to mention Phil's house was filled with classic horror memorabilia.

When it came time to title the album it seemed appropriate to reference Odysseus'  journey to the underworld from Homer's Odyssey.  At the bottom of the Mississippi you get an underworld feel, like the spirits are all alive and ready to commune with you.  Maybe it's Voodoo, or just the deep musical culture.

You can stream the opening track from the album “Witches and Pigs” below

“Journey to the Underworld” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Witches and Pigs
2. Chorus of Shades
3. Sharp Stick in the Eye
4. Six Fangs
5. Blood, Milk and Honey
6. Journey to the Underworld
7. Love Song For Jusu
8. A Stranger's Welcome
9. Allegro

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