Wednesday 9 May 2018

TRACK PREMIERE: The Dark Red Seed debut "Dukkha"

Seattle's THE DARK RED SEED are set to release their new album "Becomes Awake" on May 18th 2018. The band which is the musical outlet of Tosten Larson, guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude is an amazing combo of dark folk and heavy psych music and today we premiere their song "Dukkha".

Tosten commented:

“Dukkha” was not the first song written for the “Becomes Awake” album but it was written intentionally as the starting point of our story.  Instrumentally it is supposed to be big and loud and chaotic.  The bridge is meant to have a dissonant, uncomfortable chord progression with saxophones, Synths and guitars blaring all around.  The verse and chorus section is vaguely inspired by an similar chaotic At the Drive In song I heard many years ago.  “Dukkha” doesn’t actually sound like the song it was inspired by but rather I wanted to create a jarring angular feeling I got when I first heard the At the Drive In song.  The reason for all the chaos and stress the song should invoke is because that is what the song is about and that is where the journey of this story begins.  “Dukkha” translates to pain and suffering.  In this case my interpretation of” Dukkha” could be seen as experienced by unchecked hedonism causing a life out of balance.” 

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Band info: bandcamp || facebook