Tuesday, 11 December 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Bast, “Nanoångstöm”

By: Chris Bull

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 23/11/2018
Label: Black Bow Records


Bast have certainly developed creatively and have released another standout album in the world of heavy music


“Nanoångstöm” CD//DD//2LP track listing:

1. Distant Suns
2. Far Horizons
3. The Beckoning Void
4. Nanoångström
5. A Red Line Through Black
6. The Ghosts Which Haunt the Space Between the Stars

The Review:

When I heard Bast had recorded and released their 2nd album 'Nanoångstöm', I knew I was the right SLUDGELORD to put my name forward for the review.

4 years have passed since the release of 'Spectres', in my opinion, one of the best heavy records to be released this century, so Bast face an uphill struggle to better, let alone match the benchmark they previously set. 'Distant Suns' immediately leaps for the aforementioned benchmark, with the solemn bass intro, like a lonely astronaut floating through space, gathering momentum and hurtling towards the epically heavy 'Far Horizons', where the contrasting vocals of drummer Jon Lee's blackened growl and guitarist Craig Bryant's deep below overlay the Primordial esque folk tinged black metal. The album ebbs and flows seamlessly highlighting Bast's penchant for the epic and enthralling, as 'The Beckoning Void” and the title track deliver moments of brutality, subtle tempo shifts and glorious melodies all wrapped up in progressive and finely crafted song writing.

'A Red Line Through Black' harks back to 'Spectres' building upon Bryant's moody guitar and vocal work, through some heavy prog inspired riffing to create a sonic journey full of the unexpected. By the time  'The Space Between the Stars' opening tremolo laden riff and blast beats slow down to allow the song the room to breathe, the unexpected becomes the ordinary as riffs, licks and screams leap out from all corners, dragging you, towards the black hole they created.

While Bast's influences may be apparent to some, with nods in the direction of a few of black metal's proggiest bands, it's the personal touches and subtle nuances that forge the main body of their sound. Bast have certainly developed creatively and have released another standout album in the world of heavy music. Whether it will leave as lasting an impression as 'Spectres' remains to be seen, but several more spins will go a long way into that decision. Now, where's that repeat button...

“Nanoångstöm” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook