Friday 14 December 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Stockholm's brightest new band The Riven debt "Shadow Man"

Self releasing their debut EP “Black Bird” in April 2017 Stockholm based heavy rock band The Riven will undoubtedly take 2019 by storm with the release of their debut full length set for release via The Sign Records.   Though little is known about their forthcoming album, the band have already started the promotion of the record with the recent release of the track “Fortune Teller” and today what better way to deliver  some Christmas cheer than to debut another kick ass track from arguably one of the brightest new talents in heavy rock.  Check out “Shadow Man” below and read what vocalist Totta has to say about the track

“There he goes into the unknown… The lyrics came to mind as I travelled on a train in Sardinia one warm and hazy afternoon. Representing your inner voice and angst, but also refers to your shadow that follows you wherever you go as long as you let the light shine on you. There was this one time when bass player Max decided to record a phrase on his phone. When I heard this ”oh shadow man” I knew this was the melody and name for the song I’d started writing some time before. The video for "Shadow Man" shows The Riven playing the song live. Roberto, who we worked with, captured us and the energy of a live performance. In Shadow man we wanted to introduce the band to everyone who hasn’t yet put a face on The Riven. Have a look, grab a beer and remember that Shadow man stands and falls with you.”   From Totta, The Riven

Band info: bandcamp || facebook