Friday, 12 April 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: Norwegain power trio Dune Sea set a course for the "Dune Sea"

Dune Sea is a power trio from Norway playing a stoner rock mixed with shoegaze and space rock. The Trondheim based group are often compared with bands like Hawkwind and Queens of the Stone Age.

On the 3rd of May Dune Sea will issued their new album “Cosmic Playground” via All Good Clean Records and features nine tracks that range from stretched out psychedelic sci-fi soundscapes to synth based monolithic riffs. The sound unfolds within a cinematic universe, which is both retro and futuristic. 

Today at THE SLUDGELORD we’re feature the title track from the album which you can check out below.  Frontman Ole Nogva had the following to say about the track.  Preorder are being take HER

“Cosmic Playground” combines big questions about the universe and existential nihilism with melodic guitars and big synthesizers. The scandirock inspired spacerock track is the grand finale of album.

Band info: facebook