Friday, 22 November 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: The Osedax debut the cavenous "Beacon/Ox Eye"

Virginia is a hotspot for bands moving within sludgy circles, but one band who excel within the newer class are The Osedax. Named after a bone-burrowing deep sea worm, their music is similarly infectious as it worms its way into your system. Now on their third major release, “Meridians”, the group push their blend of atmospheric sludge/doom/post-metal to new heights, and the results are devastatingly effective.

Each track takes its sweet time to warm up, but once the drums kick it’s worth the wait. The Osedax perfectly capture the deep-water experience in all its forms, whether floating in a wash of guitar static, trudging through muddy riffs and melancholic synths, or - the pièce de résistance - when the band kick “Beacon / Ox Eye” and “White Horse / Tempest” in the guts with frantic blast beats akin to black metal like Downfall of Gaia. In addition, slimming down to a trio has had no ill effect on the band’s potency - the shared vocals flow between harrowing yells à la Neurosis and creature-like shrieks. The overall effect is cavernous, a sound that envelops and simultaneously destroys eardrums.

If you weren’t already familiar their previous albums “Delayed Response” or “Titans Lament”, then “Meridians” should be mandatory listening for fans of the above-mentioned genres, and who like floating at the bottom of the ocean.  Get your first taste of their new record today with the worldwide premiere of “Beacon/Ox Eye” below.  Preorder are being taken HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook