Monday, 18 November 2019

ALBUM PREMIERE: "Pain Clinic" by The Disease Concept

Way back in 2012, a group  of season musicians who have featured in the ranks of Fistula, Solace & Blood Farmers formed The Disease Concept.  Described as “the best sludge metal garage band you’ve never heard”, the band issued their debut EP, “Liquor Bottles & Broken Steel’ via their own Goatskull Records imprint, following it up a year later with their debut full length “Your Destroyer” and then silence.  
As time passed the likelihood of another release seemed improbable, however with talk of a long proposed final album having been recorded, fast forward 6 years and despite the band’s creators seemingly not in communication with each other and with the project long laid to rest, 2019 will finally be the year when that final album isreleased and today at THE SLUDGELORD, we’re excited not only to announce the release of “Pain Clinic” but stream the album in full, which you can check out below. Preorders are being taken at Totem Cat Records HERE