Sunday, 25 October 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Septicflesh, “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX”

By: Peter Morsellino


Album Type: Live Album

Date Released: 31/07/2020

Label: Season of Mist


“Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” CD//DD//LP//DVD/BluRay track listing:


1. Intro
2. Portrait of a Headless Man
3. Martyr
4. Prototype
5. The Pyramid God
6. The Enemy of Truth
7. Communion
8. The Vampire from Nazareth
9. Dogma of Prometheus
10. Lovecraft's Death
11. Dante's Inferno
12. Persepolis
13. A Great Mass of Death
14. Anubis
15. Dark Art 


The Review:


In 2019, Septicflesh embarked on a journey to Mexico for a single night of symphonic glory.  Accompanied by the Toluca Philharmonic Orchestra, the magical night served as a highlight of the band's illustrious career. “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” documents that night for all to experience in its full majesty.


Available both on audio in CD and Vinyl formats and as a full length concert video, Septicflesh grant access to those outside of the lucky few in attendance to bear witness to a phenomenal performance by one of the world's premier Symphonic Death Metal acts. While live albums have historically been a point of contention within the community of music fans, I believe that this album does its job in spades of documenting a once in a lifetime experience.


The mix is fantastic, providing both the band and orchestra ample space to move and breath, creating a wonderful sonic experience. The performance is as tight as can be expected, serving listeners with a magnificent collection of performances of the band's greatest work.  With such quality in one place, this album can be used as a jumping off point for Septicflesh just as equally as a collection piece for uberfan.


If available to you, I would have to recommend the concert video over the audio recording, but only as a preference of mine. The video recreates the experience in its whole, whereas the audio falls to the same trappings as many live recordings, with stage banter and hype work distracting from the audio experience.  While audible in the recording, the video also documents the absolutely spellbound audience, who lend themselves heavily to the performances energy.


All in all the performance is amazing, and despite my nitpicking, I would recommend either format to both new and veteran fans alike. Check it out. Experience this once in a lifetime event for yourself.


“Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” is available HERE

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