Wednesday, 15 December 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: The Three Tremors, "“Guardians of the Void”

 By: Richard Maw
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 05/11/2021
Label: Steel Cartel Records


“Guardians of the Void” CD track listing:
1. Bone Breaker
2. Guardians of The Void
3. Kryptonian Steel
4. Crucifier
5. I Can’t Be Stopped
6. Frailty
7. Operation: Neptune Spear
8. Chained to The Oar
9. Catastrophe 
10. Wickedness and Sin
11. Fall of Rome
12. War of Nations
The Review:
The Three Tremors return with this, an adrenaline infused joy ride through the wastelands of true metal! The Three Tremors is an over-the-top concept for an over the top HEAVY METAL band. You get three vocalists; Sean Peck (Cage/Death Dealer/Denner-Sherman), Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Tyrant) and Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, KK's Priest, Beyond Fear et. al.). All three vocalists sing on every track. The singers are ably assisted by the members of Cage, Peck's first band. Sean Elg (Cage/KK's Priest) turns in a crushing drum performance which belies his wiry and be-spectacled image, the mighty-thewed Dave 'Conan' Garcia and the shredding Casey 'The Sentinel' Trask rip it up on duel/dual guitars and the bass slot is filled by Rapheal 'Gamma Ray' Nogueria, who lays it down with precision and weight.
The first 'Tremors album was good; I enjoyed it hugely and was I lucky enough to catch the band live in Bradford, England, where they turned in a powerhouse set of METAL, including a couple of Cage and Priest classics. Here, the band have upped their game again and made a storming record. The name of the game here is, of course, HEAVY METAL. It's worthy of the capitals, because how much more METAL could this be?! The answer is... none.
Shredding guitars, thrashing drums, screaming vocals- it literally screams METAL at you through the speakers. We are firmly in Judas Priest/US Power Metal territory here; think the heaviness of the “Painkiller” album with thrash pacing on some tracks and you've got it. Opener “Bonebreaker” should convert you, if it doesn's, you probably just won't get this. At all.
The title track is a nitrous injected burst of speed and vengeance, while the rest of the album does have some surprises in store. They can do mid-paced (“Crucifier”), sinister (“Frailty”), comic book (“Kryptonian Steel) and lots more besides. “Operation: Neptune Spear” tells the story of the hunt and elimination of Bin Laden and is just about the most American and METAL track I've ever heard: furious pacing, jingoistic chest beating, unashamedly pro-gun, pro-revenge, pro-military, glorying-in-the-death-of-a-terrorist, screaming-for-vengeance METAL.
These songs will make you drive faster, that's for sure- whether or not that will be straight to a safe space or straight to a shooting range will be up to the listener's disposition and sensibilities! As the album continues, it's heavy hit after heavy hit; “Chained To The Oar” is the obligatory viking themed track, picking up where “The Wrath of Asgard” left off on the debut. It's a cracker. “Catastrophe”, “Wickedness and Sin” and the excellent “The Fall of Rome” continue to batter the listener into submission with body and head shot combinations. It's relentless and gloriously over the top.
By the time the record closes with “War of Nations”, you may feel drained by the nature of the aural assault. This, after all, is what METAL should be: it's supposed to be OTT, it's supposed to be turbo charged, it's supposed to be divisive and universal in equal measure. Overall, I'd heartily recommend this to fans of USPM, Judas Priest, Manowar, any of the associated bands of the players here. Indeed, most thrash fans would get something out of this, such is its ferocity and commitment to the riff, the solo and the scream. If you are of a sensitive disposition, prefer nuanced political and social stances and don't like METAL... this is not for you. If I could award this album a score, I would award it multiple battle-axes, thousands of rounds of ammunition and huge doses of steroids- and I would wrap those awards in a stars and stripes flag. Superlative HEAVY METAL.
“Guardians of the Void” is ONLY available as a physical product and is not streaming; I bought the digipack CD direct from the label, Steel Cartel. It's available on Amazon and elsewhere but it really does beg to be purchased- the artwork is great; the music is too. Support bands and music, please.

“Guardians of the Void” is available HERE


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