Wednesday 29 December 2021

REVIEW: Death Dealer, "Fueled Injected Suicide Machine" [EP]

By: Richard Maw
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 10/12/2021
Label: Steel Cartel Records

“Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” CD track listing:
1. The Dead Never Listen
2. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
3. Freedom Is Not A Crime
4. Blood For Gasoline
5. Invasion
The Review:
Death Dealer are as prolific as they are metal- that is to say very prolific and VERY metal. The band is a supergroup of sorts, being as it features the imperious Sean Peck on screaming vocals and no less a legend than ROSS THE BOSS on lead guitar. Stu Marshall is the musical mastermind behind the band and is ably assisted by new recruit Mike LePond on bass and the excellent Steve Bolognese on drums.
The band have been busy over the lockdown periods; they put this shredding EP together and main man Marshall is quoted as having album four finished and ready to go... and the bulk of album number five finished as well!
For those uninitiated, the band put out debut “War Master” a few years back, followed it up with the massive “Hallowed Ground” and then went one better in 2020 with the excellent “Conquered Lands” album- which was a heavy metal tour de force. This is US style power metal; so a mix of trad, power and thrash. It's adrenaline inducing and anthemic in equal measure and it rocks very hard.
This EP has a Mad Max vibe/theme running throughout the artwork and songs. Fans of the first film will recognise the title from the Night Rider's rant. It's a perfect theme for Aussie Marshall to riff on, and riff he does. The title track is a rager; you'll break the speed limit to this one- as you will to “Blood For Gasoline”. “Freedom Is Not A Crime” is a heavy metal anthem and sounds MASSIVE, while “Invasion” rounds out the EP with a mid paced headbanging assault by way of Mongol historical epic.
There are order options aplenty from the Steel Cartel label, with a couple of vinyl variants, cover variants, t-shirts etc. etc. This is Judas Priest meets Accept in the outback, ready to shoot some guns and make some noise. It's excellent and is heavy metal to the core. If the next Death Dealer full length album lives up to this, then all true metal fans are in for a treat.
“Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” is available HERE 

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