Wednesday 22 November 2023

TRACK PREMIERE: "Laughing Song" by GULA

The Netherlands based psychedelic doom/metal group GULA are releasing their new album “Birds of the Apocalypse” on December 15, 2023. “Laughing Song” is the first single off of it, offering a glimpse of what's to be expected from the full-length but without giving away too much right away.

The slowly brooding monolith of a song takes its time to grow and evolve, while advancing on fuzzed out feverish sonic fields that invoke various palpable feels during its seven minute duration. The song encapsulates the atmosphere of the entire album perfectly, as the potent and organic production underlines the hazy musical delivery, guaranteed to hit home with anyone even remotely interested in these particular styles. The final nail to the coffin, atop the well-executed instrumental department, would be the aerial vocals that float along the firm pulse to introduce loads of depth and emotion into the mix. While GULA can be seen as a relatively new band perhaps, they for certain know their craft in and out, “Laughing Song” being the perfect example of just that.