Tuesday, 7 February 2017

VIDEO PREMIERE: Hyenas deliver a raw, aggressive and propulsive gem with "Homeostatis"

In a genre often saturated with mediocrity and bands retreading the same moves as their contemporaries, the pursuit to discover those elusive gems is often a chore,  however when you do, it is perhaps the most rewarding thing in the world. 

Hailing from Nuremburg, Germany Hyenas is one such gem, playing raw, aggressive and propulsive music that grabs you by the balls but remains immensely catchy at the same time.  The guitar work on their forthcoming album “Deadweights” is made up of punchy, angry riffs and yet there is something more intrinsic about their compositions, giving the album more depth than sheer heaviness alone.

Drawing comparisons to The Chariot, Every Time I Die or Norma Jean, this talented young band is like an angry bull rearing its feet to kick you in the teeth and deliver an album of filth, feedback and aggression. So without further ado, check out their awesome new video “Homeostasis” below, but before you do, here is what the band had to say about it.  Deadweights” will see its official release on 10/3/2017 via Pelagic Records and can be preordered here 

"Homeostasis is about being kept down by other and to be someone you’re not.

Keep on struggling and you will be able to fight back and hopefully you will find some peace with yourself.

The dark, chaotic style of the video symbolizes the state of mind you can get into while trying to defend yourself from such attacks towards your personality."

“Deadweights” track listing:

1. Noise
2. Crooked Tongue
3. Ambiself
4. Crossbearer
5. Self-Adjusting
6. Homeostasis
7. Verminious
8. Smooth Talkers
9. Displaced
10. Live // Live
11. Nothing

Band info: bandcamp || facebook