Thursday, 16 February 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Space Witch take their brand of psychedelic doom to the next level with "Hex Solaris"

Space Witch are a psychedelic stoner/doom band that draw on influences from 70's prog and psychedelia.The band formed in Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK in 2007 and consist of Darren Lee Rowlands (Guitars and founder member), Daniel Mansfield (drums), Peter Callaghan (Vocals and Electronics) and Tomas Cairn (Bass).  In 2008 they released their first demo, a 2 track self-titled affair and quickly followed it up with a stream of gigs in the UK underground. The demo was followed up in 2011 with 'Resurrection' a 7 track demo which included 3 live recordings.

In 2013 they released their first EP 'The Alchemy Paradox'-A 3 track mini album which was released by defunct Bristol based label Cosmic Tomb.  The band followed this up with a number of shows and festival appearances across UK and saw them embark on the 'Hang the Witch' tour. In 2014 the band released a split with the UK Doom band Trollkraftt called 'Wytchkraft' and their self-titled first full length (a double album) released as a joint venture with labels HeviSike Records, Fear Me Music and Orchestrated Dystopia Records. The album was critically acclaimed and was chosen as Roadburn Festival's album of the day.

To follow the album up, the band toured the UK as well as playing Norway and headlining a festival in Edinburgh which featured on a underground documentary about the Edinburgh scene. Since that time Space Witch have supported bands such as Conan and Mars Red Sky before taking time to write their 2nd full length, 'ARCANUM' which will be released in Spring 2017 on HeviSike Records.

The Sludgelord has been fortunate to have heard “ARCANUM”  and make no mistake when we say that that it will undoubtedly be the doom record of 2017, with Space Witch further developing their sound, but retaining all the elements that have made Space Witch one of the premier bands on the scene.  With a release date yet to be finalised, the wait to debut new music from their monolithic face melter is over, with one of the band’s finest and suffocating compositions to date.  I give you “Hex Solaris” by Space Witch, but not as you know it captain.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook