Monday 1 May 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Virginia’s LORD unleash their electrifying blend of dbeat infused southern slime with “Not Your Problem”

Hailing from Fredricksburg, Virginia LORD is a band that isn't afraid to explore the possibilities within heavy music. They have a knack for taking laid back and simple blues riffs and twisting them into serpentine doom monsters that at times rival the sludgiest of lords. That combined with the mad battery attack drives this particular moonshine ride straight to hell.

Their new album “Blacklisted” set for release via Heavy Hound Records on May 26th runs through all their costume changes, from chicken-fried southern slouch to damn-near-d-beat. This is downtrodden doom competing with the relentless breakneck energy of classic thrashing punk.  At to that Steve Kerchner's completely unhinged homicidal howling, makes “Blacklisted” a hammering, churning barbaric album that defecates its guitar-slime and impure tribal drumming all over you ear drums.  Make no mistake LORD are truly an electrifying proposition and today we’re streaming the track “Not Your Problem” ahead of the release date on the 26th.  You can stream it below and preorder/buy a copy here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook