Wednesday 17 May 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Atlanta, GA’s Crawl are back and deal us some black market “Pornography of Grief”

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, however in the case of today’s featured artist, Atlanta, GA’s Crawl, absence appears to have made their heart grow darker.  Indeed, after lurking in the shadows for two years, Crawl are finally edging towards the release of their brand new  7" release "30 Year Suicide" on Bad Road Records.

According to the band, this material continues where “Old Wood and Broken Dreams” left off, exploring the dark realms of anxiety and mental breakdowns, taking the listener to a dark and bleak place.

Whilst on previous material vocalist/guitarist Eric Crowe may have sounded like a man who smokes fifty filterless Marlboro’s a day in between bottles of Jim Beam as he croaked over solid  southern riffs, on “30 Year Suicide” Crawl can draw comparisons to Denver’s Primitive Man, their new release is a dense earth moving release, that moves at a lethargic pace across the sonic wasteland. A fusion of gigantic, monstrous riffs and spiteful blood curdling vocals, this record is horrible, it’s horrendously dark but in the most remarkable way.

Crawl has produced amplifier-destroying sonic psychosis that is intent on disintegrating your senses, leaving the listener completely exhausting and I love it.  Added to that the incredible artwork by Eric Harrison, “30 Year Suicide” is a release you won’t want to miss.  Today it gives us great pleasure to debut the opening track of this release, so get ready, this song is made of granite,  Check out “Pornograhy of Grief” and make sure you preorder a copy here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook