Wednesday 3 May 2017

11 IS ONE LOUDER: Kenoma bassist Doug McGinnnis talks us through his Top 5 post metal, doom albums

Eleven years in the making, Dayton, Ohio atmospheric post metal collective KENOMA recently released their highly anticipated debut full length record entitled, “The Tides Will Prevail” via Translation Loss. Having flown under the radar following their contribution to the 2006 critically acclaimed split release with Mouth Of The Architect, “The Tides Will Prevail “could be considered something of a rebirth for the band.  This extended gestation period has produced an absorbing set of finely honed post-metal behemoths.  Kenoma are firmly focused on the metal side of the post-metal equation and for the most part of “The Tides Will Prevail” manages to create huge, enveloping sound constructions reliant on intricate interlocking guitar parts rather than a phalanx of effects pedals.

With their style of sludge-induced atmospheric instrumentals, Kenoma have etched their way into creating climatic and expansive journeys, pushing them to the forefront of their ever dilating genre. Kenoma create landscapes you want to explore and get lost in. The subtle nuances of their valleys are mesmerizing and their peaks are crafted with boiling points overflowing with beauty. As for the 11 year gap between releases, it is a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of their brilliant new album and today we have invited bassist Doug McGinnis to talk us through his top 5 post metal, doom records. So prepare to worship at the altar of volume, as we take our weekly trip into the extreme and turn the volume all the way up to 11.  Why do we go to 11,  because “It’s one louder, isn’t it?”

1). Neurosis:Through Silver In Blood”

This album was not my first introduction to Neurosis, but it had the biggest impact on me and my writing style. “Through Silver In Blood” is one of the heaviest and most complex albums I have ever heard. The siren like screams and the destructive riffs paired with the textured soundscapes made for one of the most influential albums to date. It’s hard to deny an album, or a band, that single handedly create a whole sub-genre of bands struggling to grasp Neurosis’s immense vision. This is still one of my favorite Neurosis albums and probably always will be.  

2). His Hero Is Gone: “Fifteen Counts Of Arson”

His Hero Is Gone: “Fifteen Counts Of Arson” was one of the first albums my group of friends all came together around. When it came out none of us had heard a mix of styles quite like these guys put together. It was a ferocious album that went from grinding you into the dirt with their crust punk stylings to smashing you over the head with their oppressive doom style riffs. This album had it all and could effortlessly flow from one style to the next without batting an eye. This record will make you want to buck the system and burn it to the ground.

3). Tarentel: “The Order Of Things”

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. “The Order Of Things” evokes emotions and feelings with each changing note. The pairing of the organic sounding instrumentation and the soundscapes makes for an immersive listening experience. I still get lost in these songs and find myself reflecting on the past, present, and future every time I spin this record. This album is highly recommended and will provide a very lush listening experience.  

4). Grief: “Come To Grief”

This album is one of my favorite doom records ever recorded. The weight that this album carries is immense. It had an influence own my writing style even before I started Kenoma, when I was still in Rune.  The down tempo riffs on this album are unmatched by any of its predecessors. I would not be surprised if this album hasn’t led to a significant decline in the human population.  No one can match the level of doom unleashed on the world as this album has produced. Doom On and Drop Out… 

5). Red Sparowes: “At The Soundless Dawn”

“At The Soundless Dawn” grips the listener right from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the album is done. This is my favorite Red Sparowes release and has had a large impact on Kenoma’s approach to song writing. This engaging release commands the attention of the listener and takes them on a ride through beautifully crafted textures and sweeping riffs. The dynamics are on point and it is full of emotive highs and lows. Get ready for a ride when listening to this album. 

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