Wednesday 9 August 2017

ELEVEN IS ONE LOUDER: London-based death metallers ABHORRENT DECIMATION choose their top picks for Bloodstock 2017

UK-based death metal titans ABHORRENT DECIMATION released their new album “The Pardoner” on July 28th via Prosthetic Records to rapturous applause.  Conceptually, the new album is an in-depth exploration into "The Pardoner", English poet Geoffrey Chaucer's most depraved and deceitful character from The Canterbury Tales. "The Pardoner" is a religious fraud and hypocrite who preaches against the love of greed, yet whose own love of wealth enabled him to profit off the sins of others. He claimed to work on behalf of the clergy, selling spiritual forgiveness for one's sins in the form of his pardons, which included forged "official letters" from high ranking church officials absolving one of their sins and bones and crystals blessed with healing powers. In Chaucer's story, "The Pardoner" tells a harrowing tale of three men whose materialism becomes the death of them.

It is the bands most inspired, charismatic and dominating material to date and with band set to hit the stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival this weekend, we invited the band to talk about their top picks for festival and bands to look out for.  So come with us as we take our weekly trip into the extreme and turn the volume all the way up to eleven. 


The Infernal Sea

If you are going to watch any band on Thursday, watch The Infernal Sea.  We have toured with the guys a few times and there is just something so visceral and eerie about this lot, it a real package band. The sounds, the look, the vibe. Go and find out for yourself. PLUS they are unveiling a new look at the festival. Go and check them out.



This band is hugely influential to us and one we look at with great respect. I have only seen them live once myself, a few years ago – maybe 2011. So I would be very interested in seeing the guys again, playing some of the killer new album ‘Anticult’. But for me, you can’t beat ‘The Negation’/‘Organic Hallucinosis’ era.  


Back in the day, I loved this band dearly. So purely for nostalgic bliss, I will go and check them out. Unlikely they will play any of the stuff I know as its 10+ years old now but still, well worth checking out.


Another band that has made an impression on us over the years. Not so much a fan of the newer stuff but they still slay and hold it down very well. In fact, we are playing a Bloodstock warm up show with them Thursday 10thAugust at The Underworld in London.


I’ve seen Inquisition once before and it blew my bloody socks off. Just super moody and a great atmosphere. If you like your Black Metal a little on the primitive side, go and check em out.

Ashen Crown

These guys did a great job of winning Metal To The Masses for a slot on the New Blood Stage. As far as new blood goes, we look forward to seeing how they handle themselves on the sacred NB stage. We know what it means to play that stage and how it feels before you head out. So we wish them the best of luck and hope they have a great crowd for when they go on.



Again, another act that sparks off pure nostalgia for some us. I stopped keeping up with them after ‘The Rise of Brutality’ but I know they are a great live act and Jamey really brings the good vibes when he’s on form. I look forward to feeling 15/16 for half an hour.


I know Cooke really loves these guys. So we will all no doubt head over and watch them when they hit the Main Stage on Saturday. We played on the same bill as them last year and they were unlucky with the sound quality. So I look forward to seeing them in the BOA set-up, which in the main, has always been pretty good for sound for an open air.  

Abhorrent Decimation

You’ve got to come and see us. BOA 2014, was such a great show for us on the New Blood Stage. Now we have been invited back onto the next stage up, The S.O.P.H.I.E. We can’t wait to come and smash some heads in with a set exclusively full of material from our new album ‘The Pardoner’. We’ve been quiet on the show front for a little while and with our best line-up ever, we are ready to return with a big performance at the festival.



I’ve seen Obituary a bunch of times and every time, I bloody love them a little more. The anticipation of waiting for Tardy to come out, with his luscious golden mane and release the almighty “bee-ki-uuuugh


Goth Pop? Whatever it is, it’s done well. Truly sultry. Great vibe and well formulated songs. I think it will make a nice break for most ears over the long weekend.

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