Tuesday 15 August 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: New Haven noise trio Grizzlor raise the finger to mediocrity with “Fruitloopville”


Spewed forth into existence in the year 2013, GRIZZLOR hit the Earth with a misanthropic thud. Hailing from the toxic depths of New Haven, CT, these are three dudes power slopping their way through the daily drudgery, weighed heavy with fuzz, sludge and an itching disdain for the mundane. Their anthems are sonically beefy for the sardonically bored. 

Coming 3 years after the release of their 7” “When You Die”, GRIZZLOR will finally release their first full-length album, "Destructoid", on September 8th via Hex Records  and their unique brand of lurid, sludgy weirdness is perhaps more potent than ever.  Coming across like the Melvins providing a twisted soundtrack to Saturday morning kid’s cartoons, "Destructoid" is a barrage of sharp angular riffs, aggressively pummeled rhythms and vocals spat through a wall of misanthropic fuzz and today we are excited to deliver a  brand new exclusive track, for your listening pleasure.

To quote Fight Club “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”, so why not enrich it by playing a cool fucking tune by kick ass band. Check out the magnificent “Fruitloopville” below, preorders for “Destructoid” are available here.


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