Wednesday 4 October 2017

FOR THOSE ABOOT TO ROCK: Riffs of Canada with Loviatar (Ottawa, Ontario)

By: Mark Tremblay

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 29/07/2017
Label: Prosthetic Records

“Loviatar” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Pt. I)
2). Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Pt. II)
3). Ascendant (Stygian Wyrm Pt. III)
4). Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues

The Review:

Very rarely does a band capture the atmospheric nuisances of the sludge/doom genres. Loviatar have created a conceptually nuanced and atmospheric record unlike many other releases this year. The highlight of this record is the vocals. J.D’s vocal abilities separate Loviatar from their sludge metal contemporaries, setting the framework for the guitars and synthesizer’s to create the atmospheric depth of the record. Loviatar utilize a balanced approach to create beautiful heavy music. 

For those of you concerned primarily with riffs, there are plenty on this album. Loviatar deliver the goods with “Goddess of the Nine Plagues” with punishing riffs reminiscent of “A Sun that Never Sets” era Neurosis. If you are listener who craves more depth and atmosphere to your sludge metal, this record is definitely worth checking out.

“Loviatar” is available here

Band info: facebook || bandcamp