Monday 9 October 2017

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: Enslaved | Grutle and Ivar discuss early influences

I’m fairly certain that in 2017, an overwhelming majority of our readership, although not specifically fans of their music, will know about ENSLAVED and may have formed an opinion on their careers to this point.  Indeed, I further surmise there are going to be some people reading this who fall into the category of ‘E’ being their first ENSLAVED album; but I’d have to imagine there aren’t many.

On October 13th, true avant-garde Norwegians ENSLAVED will unleash their highly anticipated studio album “E”, which sees the band taking a more progressive approach to their sound. 

Everyone has “theirENSLAVED album and that runs a wide spectrum of possibilities because ENSLAVED have been excellent in a number of different ways. ‘E’ is just another example of ENSLAVED finding a new energy and turning that energy into something beautiful. With “E” due for released on Friday October 13th, check out the video below as Grutle and Ivar discuss their early influences.  “E” is available to order/buy here

Band info: official | facebook