Monday, 11 December 2017

THE BEST OF 2017: The Top 6 of the 666 Pack Review 2017

By: Nikos Mixas

Artwork By: Joshua M. Wilkinson

If you’ve been paying attention, the 666 Pack Review is an abbreviated review column mostly focused on very new bands or bands that have submitted demo material to THE SLUDGELORD.  The basic premise is that 6 bands are critiqued using only 6 words and on a scale from 1 to 6(66).  What you see below is the best of the year for the 666 Pack Review.  Congrats and hails to those bands that made the list! 

6). Sparrowmilk - “Articles of Separation” (Cleveland, Ohio) (April 2017)

Instrumentals usually bore me, this didn’t. 

5). Dawn on Sedna - “Our Sky Has Changed” (Viareggio, Italy) (February 2017)

Some good sludge right there Sludgelord! 

4). Dwoom - “Pale Mare Demo MMXVII” (Sundsvall, Sweden) (June 2017)

Better than most signed doom bands.

3). Cacus  - “Dirty filthy godless” (Copenhagen, Denmark) (March 2017)

 Iron Monkey could learn from them…

2). Elder Devil - “Graves Among The Roots” (Fresno, USA) (July 2017)

Angriest submission of all the 666s! 

1). Five The Hierophant - “Over Phlegethon” (London, UK) (September 2017)

Most original of the Sludgelord offerings.