Tuesday 9 January 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Swiss chaotic wrecking crew Coilguns make a statement with "Millennials"

You know that feeling when you discover a new band and they basically knock you on your ass, rewind to March 2012 and by the luck of happenstance I discovered Swiss chaotic hardcore post whatever you want to call it sludge titans Coilguns and their hugely impressed debut EP “Stadia Rods”, a 6 song set all the more bewildering by the fact it was recorded by the band (a then three piece) live in one take with little or no overdubs, it was a hugely impressive debut and left a lasting mark upon me.  Fast forward a year and the band would issue debut full length “Commuters” via Pelagic Records,  an album with its frequent twists and turns, both confused and enthralled me  in equal measure,  resulting in a record that unfolded over time and one that with repeated sessions unveiled yet more intricacies and hidden moments of wonder amongst the chaos. 

Well, after 5 long years Coilguns are back with new album “Millennials”, which is set for release via their own imprint Hummus Records on 23rd March.  “Millennials” is a violent and over-the-top distorted record, born in a completely saturated scene and the band are ready to deliver a statement, that this isn’t a band to messed with and is one to take notice of in 2018.

Millennials” was written and recorded in January 2016 by the band, self-engineered on the inside of the desperate monoculture landscapes of central Germany. What is a breathless, lo-fi and lo-tuned epileptic record that roughly questions their own behavior as partially conscious citizens of a scary weird and exciting globalized music world.

The band commented, "We have this manic habit of using crazy sounding Wikipedia article titles as track names, just to blur our traces and look smart I guess. It always creates a funny gap in between the song's lyrical content and its final title. Our favorite on this album is clearly "spectrogram", one can easily guess why."  You can check out the exclusive  and stellar album title track “Millenials” below and preorders are available here 

Band info: facebook || bandcamp