Monday 29 January 2018

TRACK PREMIERE: Bible Black Tyrant deliver sonic oppression with "Wilderness of Steel and Stone"

By: Aaron Pickford

There is a great deal of division when the topic of the royal family is discussed.  Some people feel it it’s part of our rich heritage  and an establishment we should be proud of, indeed without it, the economy of this country would suffer a great deal without the tourism they bring and yet others, feel that the very idea of another person bending the knee in the presence of royalty as absurd and demeaning, after all we’re all equal.  You may be asking what the fuck has this to do with doom, but bear with me.  The Royal Warrant is regarded as the ultimate seal of approval and appears on a number of popular food and drink products, to certify quality and so when we’re thinking doom releases, I’m thinking there should also be Royal Warrant, only the monarch of this Royal Warrant would be certificated with the seal of approval by the hand of doom himself Toni Iommi, and the first of the new releases of 2018 to be inducted is BIBLE BLACK TYRANT

An oppressive and suffocating sonic endeavour that features Tyler Smith, Aaron D.C. Edge and David S. Fylstra (members of Eagle Twin, Lumbar, KVØID), BIBLE BLACK TYRANT are set to debut their majestic doom debut entitled "Regret Beyond Death" on 16th February 2018 via Argonauta Records, an album of such crushing density, it resembles the method of torture known as Peine forte et dure,  in which a defendant who refused to plead ("stood mute") would be subjected to having heavier and heavier stones placed upon his or her chest until a plea was entered or until they died.  So sit back, bite your tongue and prepare to be crushed as we debut all 11min s of the track “Wilderness of Steel and Stone”.  Failure to enter your plea, results in death.  Preorders are being taken here

 Band info: facebook