Tuesday 30 January 2018

TRACK PREMIERE: Owl Maker deliver high powered, hard rocking "Lady Stoneheart"

Owl Maker swirls out of the darkness like the stuff of legend, reflecting the power of their namesake Hihankara, a Lakota goddess who acted as the gatekeeper to the afterlife. Don’t think for a minute though that this southern Connecticut trio is lost in esoterica – their unique brand of hard hitting rock and roll is fiendishly addictive and representative of a group who strive for greater things with every successive show, driven by an unmatched hunger to succeed. We sit now on the eve of their first musical utterance, “Paths Of The Slain” -- six tracks of high powered, hard rocking triumph -- and realize that things may not all be as they seem.

With the world in their sights and all the raw talent needed to take it by storm, Owl Maker’s potent live shows have thrilled audiences across the region. Now, “Paths Of The Slain” stands to bring the band to the next level. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip), even upon first listen it’s easy to see why these guys have won the hearts of movers and shakers within the scene. Suffice to say, with their reputation for dynamic stage shows and hard work, Owl Maker must be making Hihankara proud.  “Paths Of The Slain” will be released on March 16 2018 and you can check out a new track “Lady Stoneheart” below.

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Dan Hamilton (c)