Thursday, 8 March 2018

SATAN'S DOZEN: 13 Unearthly Hymns Unearthed #7 (February 2018)

SATAN’S DOZEN is THE SLUDGELORD’s attempt to present the very best music the underground scene has to offer and whilst we’d love to review every band submission we receive, not to mention the countless recommendations you send our way, in practical terms that is just not possible.  Therefore because we don’t want killer music to pass you by, each and every month our member of the Russian chapter Andrei Moose painstakingly sifts through the music labelled  killer  riffs and chooses 13 of the best new albums released via bandcamp and bundles them together into the mightiest riff sandwich.

Whilst all the albums we have included below are top tier stuff, we have compiled them into a chart on a sliding scale of 13-1. So we hope you dig our selections for February 2018 and enjoy 13 Unearthly Hymns Unearthed.    These bands need more exposure, so go “like” “share” and “follow” their pages, but most of all enjoy some of the best music the underground has to offer.  THE SLUDGELORD most sincerely approves.   Now, go heavy or go home.

13) Hørt, “DEMO” (Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France) Released February 10, 2018

Sludge / Doom / Metal

12) Son of the Morning, “Son of the Morning” (Iowa) Released October 31, 2017

Occult / Stoner - Doom

11) The Swamp, “The Swamp” (Winston Salem, North Carolina) Released February 24, 2018

Stoner - Metal

10) Wicked Wizzard, “Wicked Wizzard” (PV, Spain) Released February 24, 2018

Psychedelic / Stoner / Fuzz / Rock

9) Black Lines, “Witches' Dance” (Goiânia, Brazil) Released February 26, 2018

Stoner / Doom / Metal

8) Suicide Cult, “Suicide Cult” (Austin, Texas) Released February 28, 2018

Stoner - Doom

7) The Turin Horse, “The Turin Horse” (Sciolze) Released January 26, 2018

Noise / Hardcore / Sludge

6) Witchcult 71, “Blessings in Black” (Netherlands) Released February 27, 2018

Doom / Sludge

5) Clystone, “II” (Menton, France) Released February 17, 2018

Psychedelic / Stoner / Doom

4) Saturnist, “The Horns, Teeth & The Hooves” (Helsinki, Finland) Released February 20, 2018

Stoner - Doom

 3) Bismarck, “Urkraft” (Bergen, Norway) Released February 5, 2018

Psychedelic / Stoner / Doom

2)  Deathbell, “With The Beyond” (Toulouse, France) Released February 19, 2018

Psychedelic / Occult / Stoner - Doom

1). Swamp Corpse, “Bone Mill” (Hamburg, Germany) Released February 2, 2018

Sludge / Doom / Metal