Friday 1 June 2018

ALBUM PREMIERE: Cult of Occult deliver their latest experimentation in terror with "Anti Life"

Remaining in the shadows concealed from the light, and hiding in the darkest reaches of your nightmares, Cult of Occult are a quartet of misanthropic aural antagonists intent on inflicting their evil sounding musical diabolus upon the unsuspecting masses.  Releasing their debut self titled album in 2011, their experiments of terror are fuelled by hatred and their insatiable need to deliver the  crudest and most vitriolic sound and yet remain utterly addictive and captivating at the same time.   

Today on June 1st 2018 Cult of Occult deliver, “Anti Life” an album that is certain to positively dehumanize the listener and will push you to the brink of despair, with walls of vehement distortion, devilish screams and barbarous drums beats.  No light is to be found here, no hope or beauty, only hatred and darkness.  “Anti- Life” is certain to tear your soul apart, but it will also leave you crawling back asking for more and today, it gives me great pleasure to share Cult of Occult’s newest experimentations in terror.  All Hail the New Flesh and succumb to “Anti Life”.

Band info:  Bandcamp || facebook